More than 300 Job Seekers attended the Newcomer Employment Fair

Saint John, NB — YMCA of Greater Saint John’s Newcomer Connections organized the Newcomer Employment Fair in partnership with CCRW (Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work) and the Saint John Newcomers Centre on Thursday, November 10. This Employment Fair at Market Square sought to provide employment opportunities to newcomers and anyone living with a disability or experiencing barriers to employment.

“The CCRW is pleased to continue its longstanding relationship with the YMCA of the Greater Saint John and the Saint John Newcomers Centre,” said Andrew Cosman, Job Developer at CCRW. “Specifically, we have a track record of assisting newcomers overcoming and combatting the many unique intrinsic barriers related to finding meaningful long-term employment. CCRW has created accessible opportunities, implemented specific accommodation plans, as well as met labor market demands for a variety of local employers. As a result, our collaborative efforts have helped advance the needle on building a more inclusive and diverse workforce in the Saint John area.”

The Employment Fair, being in-person, attracted more than 300 newcomers from diverse backgrounds, including Government Assisted Refugees, International Students, and temporary and permanent residents looking to build connections, find jobs, network, and more. Representatives from more than 28 organizations from a variety of sectors in Greater Saint John met job seekers from all walks of life to fill their organizations with a diverse workforce.

“With an estimated 400,000 newcomers welcomed into Canada over the last year, it is essential to embrace the benefits that come with a growing and diverse community,” said Mohamed Bagha, Managing Director of the Saint John Newcomers Centre. “This can be achieved by supporting them to be work ready, helping them create a diverse network, and introducing them to the business community. The Saint John Newcomers Centre has run over 20 successful programs helping newcomers settle, integrate, and be work-ready in French and English.”

Additionally, 11 community organizations were present to provide the attendees with community support, build connections, help with volunteer opportunities and help them build ties in the city and find ways to get involved in this diverse and inclusive community.

“Our YMCA continues to advocate for creating a more diverse, inclusive, caring, and welcoming community for all newcomers and is dedicated to supporting newcomers from all walks of life to settle in the Greater Saint John region, said Shilo Boucher, President and CEO of YMCA of Greater Saint John. “So many wonderfully gifted individuals had the opportunity to speak with representatives from so many organizations in our welcoming community. I thank all the organizations in the community who partner with us to welcome newcomers into our community, and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

YMCA Newcomer Connections also supports all employers seeking to support newcomers through the Employment Services and help the employers go above and beyond through the Newcomer Employment Champions (NEC) program, added Boucher.


About Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) is a national not-for-profit organization that exists to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities or barriers to work.

At CCRW, we offer job search assistance, employer incentives, accommodation assessments, consulting services, and a variety of training workshops. Additionally, we provide a range of services for employers, from consulting, to hiring and retention, and disability confidence training. We strive to support job seekers living with a disabilities.  We work collaboratively with disability confident employers to make meaningful matches amd draw from a talented pool of candidates. CCRW works diligently to address labor market needs as well as create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

About Saint John Newcomers Centre

Founded in 2009, the Saint John Newcomers Centre is one of the leaders in offering a wide range of services to newcomers in the Greater Saint John area. We are a non-profit, relying on the invaluable support from local volunteers, and funded by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.
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About YMCA Newcomer Connections

YMCA of Greater Saint John’s Newcomer Connections department offers sector-specific employment language training (SSELT), employment readiness programs, pre-employment services, and one-on-one support for all newcomers looking for their first jobs and building community connections in Saint John. Working closely with newcomer clients and local employers, we support employers in troubleshooting communication with their newcomer staff, provide access to our talent bank of newcomer clients looking for work, and refer employers to other relevant supports available in the community.

For more than 20 years, YMCA Newcomer Connections has welcomed immigrants and refugees, assisting with their settlement needs and facilitating their integration and participation in the community. This includes offering a diverse range of programs and services, such as English language classes, employment readiness programs, Canadian cultural orientation, immigrant settlement and refugee resettlement assistance, and school readiness programs. With a multilingual team of more than 70 staff representing 20 countries, we make every effort to provide services in a client-centric manner that is inclusive and respectful of the rights, dignity, and diversity of all newcomers to Canada.