Bev Pitre

Bev Pitre

Bev Pitre has lost 130 pounds since joining the Saint John Regional Y, and she didn’t have to go through an intense boot camp to reach her goals. Bev said besides changing her diet, the indoor walking track has been her saving grace.

“Just get up and walk,” she said while sharing her story on a Monday morning after her regular 5 km walk. “It’s an exercise that most people can do, as it doesn’t hurt.”

Throughout the week Bev arrives at the Y shortly after 5:00 am and completes 35 laps. Planning her day and stepping to the beat playing from her ipod, she works up a sweat.

“It’s been amazing to hear other members who don’t really know me, stop and say I look great,” Bev explained. “It’s incredible that walking and eating better can make such a difference.

Bev’s diabetic insulin has decreased and her next step is diving into the pool to enjoy an Aquafit class.

According to Bev, losing 130 pounds isn’t just a physical transformation.

“My husband and I recently went to the LBR for a hockey game, and the chairs scared me because I never used to be able to sit in those chairs,” she said. “This time I fit and even had room. It felt amazing, but it’s a mental thing to get over.”

Shrinking from a size 32 to a size 16 is still an adjustment, but Bev is looking forward to more milestones on this new, healthy chapter of her life.

UPDATE JANUARY 2018 – A follow up from Bev:

“I just wanted to give you a little update since my story.  I FINALLY pushed myself and took an Aquafit class last night! I loved it!”