Together we can make a difference in the lives of others in our community

YMCA Difference Makers is a club of like-minded individuals who generously give monthly to help our most vulnerable southwestern New Brunswick community members.
Thousands of southwestern New Brunswick families struggle with financial barriers, making licensed child care, recreational programs and health & wellness impossible to access.
With your donation, we can help children, adults, and older adults reach their full potential and build healthy communities.


Your monthly donation allows us to take a planned, long-term approach.

As a Y Difference Maker, you work
side-by-side with us, making long lasting improvements in our community.

The communities we work in are not
looking for a hand out, they are
looking for real change.

Our active After School program is one great example of the life-changing work your monthly gifts make possible.

As a Y Difference Maker, you will receive special updates, including videos and
photos as well as a thank you package.

By giving monthly, you give what makes sense for you and your family, and make an incredible impact over the course of your giving.


Joy of Colouring

“Mary” is 4-years-old and from a community in Saint John with a 90% poverty rate. She has been attending the Y Pre-K program at Early Childhood Hub-North at no cost to her family. The goal of this program is to work with children like “Mary” and her family and give them the tools they need to help end the cycle of generational poverty by setting Mary up for success when she enters school next year.

Here is a look into a small portion of “Mary’s” day at the Early Childhood Hub-North from the eyes of “Mary’s” educator, Sarah Ross.

We had set out a simple invitation with our new crayons and markers that we had for the classroom. Bringing out new material always is an exciting day for both the children and educators. We had placed out crayons, markers, white paper and construction paper, waiting to see what creations could be made.

I decided to join “Mary” at the table. Sitting down next to her I could see that she was using just the crayons on her white paper. I picked up a yellow crayon and started to draw a night sky.

“Wow! These crayons are so nice,” I said to strike up a conversation with “Mary”.

“Yeah,” she said, concentrating on her drawing.

“I really like to colour using crayons. Do you like crayons or markers better,?” I asked “Mary”.

“Mary” responded, “I like crayons the best!”

“I really like to colour at home also. Do you colour at home with mom,?” I asked her.

Her response is a response that I will always remember. “No, we don’t have crayons at home.”

Something that we take for granted every day – a box of $0.99 crayons is something that “Mary” looks forward to every day. I have now noticed how often I catch “Mary” sitting at the art table busy creating with some crayons. This has made me look at the program we offer differently. This is not just a pre-k or kindergarten readiness program – this is a program that these families and children need. These children need to be able to come to a safe spot to enjoy the joy of colouring with other peers their age. I am so proud that the YMCA is able to be that spot for “Mary” and I can be part of that joy with her.

By becoming a Y Difference Maker, you can be that difference in “Mary’s” life. Giving her the opportunity to take part in a program that will help her reach her full potential.


You will receive quarterly updates on the impact your donation is making. We will share videos and photos with you to keep you up-to-date.

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Yes! When setting up your monthly gift it will be automatically designated to Strong Communities and will go to the area of greatest need. If you wish your gift to be designated to a particular program you can identify that in the online form when you set up your monthly gift.