Welcome to the Glenn Carpenter Centre

Glenn Carpenter who had a heart full of generosity and a deep connection to the YMCA. For many years, Glenn was more than just a member; he was a pillar of support, dedicated to nurturing the Y’s mission through the service club.

As time passed and Glenn faced illness, he contemplated how he could leave a lasting legacy for his beloved community. Determined to make a difference, he made a significant decision just ten days before his passing. Glenn purchased a sprawling 220-acre lot from the Wilson family and entrusted it to the YMCA. His vision was clear: to invest in the youth of today so they could grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

This generous gift became known as the Glenn Carpenter Centre, a place brimming with opportunities and joy. Glenn’s family, including his daughter Wendy and her husband Dale Knox, embraced his legacy wholeheartedly. They continued to champion the YMCA, pouring their energy into various projects because they believed in the mission as fervently as Glenn did.

For over two decades, the Glenn Carpenter Centre has been a vibrant hub of activity every summer, hosting the Y’s Summer Day Camp from June to August. Thousands of children, many from underserved communities and foster care, have found their way to this camp. For these children, the camp is more than just a summer escape; it’s a journey that often begins as a camper and evolves into roles like Counselor-in-Training (CIT), senior counselor, and sometimes even camp director.

One summer, a counselor shared a treasured memory. Gaga Ball, a beloved camp game, took on a magical twist during rainy days. As the rain poured down, campers and counselors alike would revel in the muddy chaos, only to end their play by running and leaping into the lake, fully clothed and exhilarated. For many children, these muddy, joyous moments are the highlights of their summer. They eagerly await the return to the Glenn Carpenter Centre each year, an opportunity made possible by the community’s generous donations, which help eliminate financial barriers to attending.

Today, Glenn’s legacy is embarking on a new chapter. The Glenn Carpenter Centre is breaking ground on an ambitious $5 million, three-phase project to create an outdoor education center. This new venture will transform the center into a year-round haven, welcoming over 5,000 people annually through after-school programs, partnerships, and community events. Thanks to the incredible support from the YMCA of Greater Saint John’s Endowment Fund and the generous contributions from the community, we have already raised $3.5 million towards this goal.

It’s deeply rewarding to see Glenn’s legacy flourish, touching so many lives over the years. His family, including his new great-granddaughter Leah, will always have a place to remember him and his incredible gift to the community.

Some of you may have known Glenn personally. You might remember him as a shrewd businessman or a wise mentor. But for the countless children and youth who have passed through the programs here, Glenn Carpenter is a beacon of hope. Through his legacy, he has extended a hand up to those who might not have had the chance otherwise, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow, play, and lead.