Losing Weight and Gaining Confidence at the Y

Hey, I’m Ronnie, and I’ve been overweight all of my life.


When I was 18 years old, I got pregnant. This only made the problem worse after I had my son, I was sitting at about 220 lbs. While dealing with numerous health issues between myself and my son, my eating got out of control! I was then diagnosed with an eating disorder and peaked at my heaviest weight of 330 lbs.

One day I was sitting in my room about to braid my hair. I must have took about 20 breaks in the time it took to do my pigtails because I couldn’t hold my arms up! I just started to cry and I knew I had to change. I chose the YMCA as a gym because it had a ton of great programming for my son as well.

It was a rough start coming and finding my routine but once I found my rhythm, I found my home! I started a class called Group Centergy, and found a routine for the fitness centre too. I’ve lost a total of 130 lbs fuelled by encouragement from staff at the YMCA, from volunteers, from my fellow peers who just love to work out and encourage one another! Striking up conversation in the locker room, stopping someone to give them a compliment – or to receive one!

One thing I’ve learned from losing 130 lbs is that you have to want it more than anything else. Fitness is dedication, but honestly, on the days that I don’t even want to go to the gym, it’s the people at the front desk, that get me through the door. The awesome people who watch my son and play sports with him while I work out, their daily greetings make me smile. My instructor’s contagious laugh and absolute love for their classes and what they do, make me happy I showed up; and when I’m done, my body is thankful I did too!

Losing weight is only half of my Y story. The other half is just how it changes you. The way it builds your confidence and the atmosphere is something you cannot even put into words!

Thank you to the YMCA for all that you’ve given me and my son, and the bond we now have for loving the gym instead of the junk food!