Top 10 Reasons I Love My Y

Stephanie McGarrigle

How do I love my Y? Let me count the ways…
By: Stephanie McGarrigle

1.  Thanks to the YMCA Strong Communities Campaign, my family is ABLE to be part of the greater Y family, where we participate in programs from swimming lessons to weight lifting.

2.  The Y staff genuinely embody their mission to be a community of caring people helping to enrich lives. My life ABSOLUTELY feels enriched by my belonging to the Y family.

3.  Everyone at my Y is so welcoming and caring that I feel the sincerity of their concern when they notice I’ve been absent.

4.   The Y is my happy place, where I go to unwind, have fun, laugh and even cry among friends (members AND staff).

5.   My Y is an extension of my family, and my kids have bonded with so many employees and volunteers.

6.   Whether I am lifting heavy weights, or floating in the warm pool, I leave the Y feeling stronger, both physically and mentally. The environment at the Y builds me up!

7.   I love that, regardless of my size, shape, or health, I’ve felt included every step of the way. From barely moving in the pool at 300+ pounds, to jogging the track at half that weight!

8.   The instructors, paid or volunteer, take such care to ensure I’m safe and being coached properly. They take time before and after class to help, correct, or answer questions, which is really special.

9.   By extension of my Y, the Early Learning Centre has been a huge support and blessing to my son, who is a member of the preschool program. He has grown so much since it started in October!

10.  There are not enough lists in the world to explain how the Y has become a part of my life, and I will NEVER give up. I cherish my membership, and the overall sense of belonging I have there. My children are growing up also valuing physical and mental health, family and community bonding and being part of something AWESOME.

I LOVE my Y!

Stephanie (& Stephen), Noah & Phoebe McGarrigle

Stephanie McGarrigle