Sisters’ Summer Camp Adventure: A Journey of Growth and Friendship

In the heart of summer, amidst the laughter of children and the warmth of the sun, two sisters, Amina and Farhiya, embarked on a journey of discovery at Y Summer Day Camp program. Through the kindness of donors, their dreams of camp became a reality, leading to a summer filled with laughter, growth, and sisterly love.

Amina, a confident 14-year-old, and her spirited 9-year-old sister, Farhiya, eagerly recounted their camp experiences with bright smiles and infectious enthusiasm. “We’ve been going to camp for three years now,” Amina shared proudly. “It all started when some friends told us about it, and I just knew I had to be a part of it.”

With memories of hiking adventures and science experiments still fresh in their minds, the sisters reminisced about their favorite camp moments. “Last year, we made ice cream from scratch in science class,” Farhiya exclaimed. “It was so much fun adding all the toppings!”

Amina nodded in agreement, recalling the warmth and kindness of the camp staff. “The people there are just so nice,” she said with a smile. “They’re really helpful and I’ve made a lot of great friends.”

Reflecting on the unique experience of attending camp together, Amina and Farhiya shared their perspectives. “It’s been great having my little sister with me,” Amina confessed. Farhiya shared, “I love having Amina at camp with me,” she declared. “She’s always there to play with me and make sure I’m okay.”

Their camp journey took an exciting turn when Amina was invited to participate in the camp’s leadership program. “It means a lot to me,” Amina explained. “I’ve always wanted to be apart of the team since I first started, I’m very grateful.”

As they reflected on their personal growth, Amina and Farhiya shared their newfound confidence and skills. “Camp really helped me to break out of my shell,” Amina admitted. “I used to be shy, but now I’m not afraid to speak up and be myself. I gained a lot of confidence.”

Farhiya chimed in, sharing her own triumphs. “I learned how to swim!” she exclaimed proudly. “It was hard at first, I failed at first but I kept trying, and then I finally passed my swim test on the last day!”

When asked about the importance of camp, Amina and Farhiya spoke passionately about the friendships and opportunities it offers. “Camp is a place where you can be yourself and make so many new friends,” Amina said. “It’s an experience everyone should have.”

Amina expressed her thanks to the donors that allowed her to attend camp for the first time. “Thank you, a lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to go to camp And I was really grateful that I had the opportunity to go there. Thank you again for supporting us.”

Their message to those considering camp echoed their own journey of discovery and growth. “Just go for it,” Amina encouraged. “You never know what you might discover about yourself.” added Farhiya.

Thanks to the YMCA Atlantic Gift of Camp Campaign and those that have been so kind to believe in the mission of the Y, Amina and Farhiya have been able to take part in an incredible journey through camp.

This journey from camper to counsellor is what the Y is all about, igniting potential in our youth through leadership.

Children in our community are facing barriers keeping them from experiencing camp and developing confidence, growth and discovery.

If you would like to support youth who face barriers to attend camp you can do so at the information below. Your donation will go toward camp registration, needed supplies and gear for campers and transportation.