Saint John Field House: So Much More than a Field

Erin Vringer
by Morgan Daye

Have you seen the incredibly large building going up on the east side?

You probably have, it’s hard to miss.

Maybe you already recognize it for what it is. It’s the Saint John Field House, with two indoor turf fields.

At the same time, it’s so much more than just a field.

The Saint John Field House will open its doors in the fall of 2019, and play host to many field-sporting groups. Soccer, football, frisbee and other typical field sports, but also many other that you might not associate with a field. Sports such as fencing, judo, cricket, and track and field will now have a grand indoor facility to call home.

Erin Vringer can’t wait for this facility to open. The 15-year-old competitive runner is a member of the Saint John Track Club sees the value in an indoor, full-sized track and field facility.

Erin has represented Saint John on provincial and national levels before and will be competing at Legion Nationals in Cape Breton, August 9 to 11. To be able to remain competitive against athletes from larger cities with more resources, she knows there is value in being able to train on an official track 12 months a year.

“I run middle distance – 800m, 1200m, 1500m and steeplechase. Right now we train at the UNBSJ gym during the winter,” she says. “It is a small space so you have to be aware of the risk of injury running on such tight corners. It is also hard to get a sense of your pace when not training on a 200m track. The field house will help us to make it a sport that we can practice and compete all year round.”

Not only will the facility allow our local athletes to remain competitive against other regions, the field house will draw in athletes from all over Atlantic Canada for track meets throughout the year. In the next few years, Saint John will be the host of track and field nationals.

Beyond the level of organized sport, the Saint John Field House has much more to offer. There will be a fitness centre for individual workouts, and YMCA programs such as organized group fitness classes, a community kitchen, Child Care and After School programs as well as Newcomer Connections services.

The Saint John Field House will bring so much energy to Saint John and the east side community. When the opening day arrives, be sure to come see the space and explore new turf!