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Newcomer Connections

Newcomer Youth Programs

A safe, supportive, and fun environment where you can meet new people, build new skills and get involved in your new home.

Upcoming Youth Programs

What we offer

Our Youth Programs are designed to help newcomer youth have a positive settlement experience and become engaged members of the community. Our Youth Programs offer a safe, supportive, inclusive, and fun environment where you can meet new people, explore your potential, build new skills, and get involved in your new home.

Our Youth Advisors regularly provide free-to-attend extracurricular support to newcomer youth between the ages of 12 and 19.

Need some support navigating the School System?

Our Settlement Workers in School (SWIS) team can support you and your child settle with a daily routine in school, communication with teachers, paperwork, transportation and more.

You can participate in a variety of activities including:

Leadership Training

Social, creative and recreational activities and referrals

Exposure to Canadian sports and outdoor pursuits

Visits to popular city attractions

Volunteering in the community

Workshops from staff and guest speakers on a variety of topics

Celebrations for special occasions, holidays and festivals

Youth-led special events

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Contact Us

For more information about our programs, reach out to our youth advisors at newcomeryouth@saintjohny.ca or call (506) 349-6038.

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