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Intercultural Competency

We provide high-quality and customizable Intercultural Competency training to a cross-section of private and public stakeholders in the community.

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Why Intercultural Competency?

Working cross-culturally is still a new thing in southwestern New Brunswick.  As our customers and co-workers continue to come from other countries, the ability to relate and work effectively across cultures will increase in importance. Working and relating effectively across cultures is known as “Intercultural Competency” (cultural awareness, cultural intelligence or CQ). Employers who invest in the training and tools that will enable them to work more effectively across cultures will fuel innovation and performance.

Challenge & Opportunity

Cultural differences may manifest themselves in communication style, situational interpretation, or workplace conduct.  How will you know if a misunderstanding is not culturally rooted if you’re not seeking to grow your Cultural Competency?

Who’s Coming to N.B.?

New Brunswick has opened its doors to all immigrants, whether they come through refugee channels or choose to move here. Southwestern New Brunswick  is becoming more diverse. Increasingly skilled immigrants from China, the Middle East, and other places are purposely choosing which countries they’d like to immigrate to for work or study.

The good news is, Canada is on their list! Let’s make southwestern New Brunswick, a destination of choice.

What We Offer

We’ve provided Cultural Competency training to a cross-section of private and public stakeholders in the community.

We are committed to delivering high-quality and customizable training.

Endless opportunities to shine bright at the Y

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