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Canada School

The go-to crash course on Canadian society and culture for newcomers settling in southwestern New Brunswick. Canada School is designed to help newcomers from all walks of life ease the burden of adjusting to a new life by offering information about all aspects of the settlement process.

Canada School is a crash course on Canadian society and culture for newcomers settling in southwestern New Brunswick. This program is designed to help ease the burden of adjusting to a new life by offering timely information pertaining to all aspects of the settlement process.

Participants will gain essential and valuable information regarding:

  • Canadian law, culture, systems, and history
  • Community services and programs in southwestern New Brunswick
  • Accessing resources nationally, provincially and at the municipal level
  • Connecting and interacting with local service providers and community members of good standing
Individual Topics include:

Canadian geography, culture and history

Canadian law and judicial system

Popular spots and recreation activities in NB

Housing and tenant rights

Healthcare system and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Banking, Shopping and Finances

Public transportation and getting around NB

Public education system and continuing education

Program Structure

There are 10 modules in Canada School. Each module covers essential topics relevant to settling and living in southwestern New Brunswick. The program typically runs for four weeks held online or in-person, depending on the needs of the class. Interpreted classes are also available for those with little to no English; these classes are scheduled based on client demand and interpreter availability.


Canada School is available for free to newcomers who are Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents (includes CUAET, Work Permit and Study Permit holders).

Can’t attend a 4-week course? Try our individual Information and Orientation Sessions.

We offer group, family, and one-on-one information & Orientation sessions (I&Os) with relevant information on individual topics, usually featuring specialists in the respective field, to help you make informed decisions as you settle in Canada. These short 1-2 hour long sessions are offered both online and in-person at various convenient time slots with detailed knowledge of one subject per session.

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Programs and services like Canada School are available for free for newcomer clients. Start your Newcomer Connections journey today by becoming a client.

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