Camp Glenburn: Memories that will live on forever

For the families of the late Leslie “Fee” Bruce and David “Fyn” Walker, they get to see their legacies live on each summer at Camp Glenburn. A treasured place for both, their families chose to honour their memory by establishing an Endowment Fund which awards bursaries annually to campers participating in Leadership Camps.

David Walker loved the outdoors, and at Camp Glenburn, where he spent many years as a camper, Counsellor in Training (CIT) and as staff, David had the opportunity to ignite that passion and develop skills in swimming, canoeing, hiking and more.  After passing at the young age of 27, after a 10-year battle with cancer, David’s family wanted to establish a fund to support deserving kids who also share in his passion for the outdoors.

“We always felt that we should give [the bursaries] for kids who wanted to be outdoor leaders,” said David’s father Julian Walker.

This year, the David Walker Memorial Fund helped provide two bursaries to campers taking part in the three-week Leader in Training Camp, Ferguson Fraser and Henry English.

Both Henry and Ferguson have loved being able to come to camp and meet many new and friendly people.

“I just love the inclusivity at camp and everyone is welcome…and there is so many great people to meet here. That’s probably my favourite part of camp, the friends you make along the way,” Ferguson sharing what he loves about being at Camp Glenburn.

Henry agreed and echoed the sentiment, “It’s just such a great experience being here.”

One of the other things both Henry and Ferguson share with David, is being at camp with their older siblings.

 “It’s a family affair.”

The same was true for Sadie Love, this years Leslie E. Bruce Memorial Fund recipient. And the family connections to Glenburn run deep, even to Leslie herself.

As it turns out, Sadie’s father, Dave Love, was the Camp Director at Glenburn during some of the time that Leslie would have been a camper and counsellor herself. Leslie’s father Michael and Anne, had brought a copy of a McLean’s Magazine article written about Leslie which included a quote from her then Glenburn’s Camp Director, Dave Love only moments before meeting the recipient was the connection made between Sadie, Dave and Leslie. This is but one example of what some call “The Magic of Glenburn”. The connections that are made during summer camp run deep and strong and stay with many for their lifetime and longer.

It was Leslie’s aunt who had previously attended Camp Glenburn and was sending her own kids and Leslie joined them and was an active Glenburn camper and staff member who became deeply involved in environmental education. Her family established an endowment fund to award a camper who is passionate about the outdoors and environmental causes.

Leslie, or Fee as she was known at Camp Glenburn, carried a zest for life and loved to travel and be outdoors and that memory is still very alive through places like “Fee’s Field,” named after Leslie’s camp name, where staff and campers can go be in nature and take time to reflect.

For Sadie, she sees the importance of everyone getting to experience life at Camp Glenburn.

“It’s a great spot for people to get out of their comfort zone at camp, to think outside the box. If kids aren’t comfortable anywhere else, they’re always comfortable here because it’s a really safe space for kids. Kids feel safe here…Everybody is just so nice and caring here.”

When asked if they were planning to come back next year, all three bursary recipients were in agreement;

“Oh yeah! For sure.” “You’ll be seeing me here next summer.” “You’ll see all of us back.”

It was evident how happy Michael and Anne were to see Sadie receive the bursary, seeing glimpses of Leslie in Sadie, especially following the discovery of the special connection they shared.

Our children will never die to me, because their memory lives on forever here at Camp Glenburn.” Michael Bruce reflected with tears in his eyes.

You can help leave a legacy that will last a lifetime by designating a future gift in your Will. To learn more and set up your own Legacy Giving at the YMCA of Greater Saint John and Camp Glenburn, please reach out to Lori Logue at or go to Endowment Fund – YMCA of Greater Saint John.