“The Y is my safe place, my outlet for change”

Jessica Ferguson

I started my journey at the Y in February of 2019 and although not much time has passed, I am in a complete different place.

My son’s father and I split up a while back and in December he moved back to his hometown in Alberta. On December 16th he was in a motor vehicle accident, sadly while under the influence and was paralyzed from the chest down. He will never walk again. He was the only one injured.

In the beginning, I was completely distraught, loaded with guilt, fear of the unknown, and lost a lot of my worth. I didn’t think I would ever smile again. Being the sole emotional and financial guardian for my son, I knew something had to change, both physically and mentally.

I started back at the Y in February. Physically I have made leaps and bounds. I’ve lost around 20lbs and still have a long road a head of me but mentally words cannot quite describe how the Y has helped me. I quit smoking, and I am truly happy. You hate to take anything positive away from a tragic situation, but for me, my life is changing in unimaginable ways. I go to the Y six days a week, sometimes I double up and go twice a day. The child-minding centre has been fantastic for when I need to go for a second time in a day.

Mentally, I am stronger and I am totally proud of myself for how resilient I’ve become. The Y is my safe place, my outlet for change and it feels extraordinary to be part of such a great centre.