Jacob’s Y Journey: The Road to National Championships

Jacob’s passion for hockey ignited at an early age, but his special needs posed challenges to pursuing his dream on the ice. Determined to play, he discovered floor hockey through Special Olympics NB and fell in love with the sport. For Jacob, the camaraderie and sense of athleticism in floor hockey are unparalleled, fueling his love for the sport.

His achievements speak volumes, including a gold medal at last year’s floor hockey provincials, propelling Team New Brunswick to the upcoming national championship at the 2024 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games, taking place in Calgary, Alberta. With numerous medals from past regional, provincial and national competitions, including a 2018 National Bronze Medal in Basketball, Jacob is no stranger to success.

As a YMCA member, Jacob has found a supportive and welcoming environment that’s helped him stay in shape, feel good and succeed in sports, particularly floor hockey. He greatly enjoys his workouts accompanied by his wife, chatting with fellow Y members and staff. Preparation for the 2024 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games has been extremely important to Jacob, with twice-weekly training sessions here at the Y and intense practices led by dedicated coaches, encouraging and preparing them in pursuit of victory.

To others with special needs, Jacob offers simple yet powerful advice: “If you’re athletic and want to try something new, give it a shot.”

Now, Jacob and Team New Brunswick stand on the cusp of a monumental opportunity. With their coach leading them to nationals, they aim not only to claim victory but also to secure a spot at the world championships in Italy—the ultimate goal that drives their ambition.

Having tasted the bitterness of defeat in the past, Jacob is determined to rewrite history and seize the gold medal that slipped through his fingers at the 2016 Special Olympics held in Newfoundland.

As they gear up for the Special Olympics, Jacob’s story symbolizes the resilience and triumph of the human spirit, proving that with dedication and passion, dreams can become a reality.