34th Annual Red Triangle Awards Gala

Join us at the Saint John Regional Y on Thursday, May 16, as we joyfully celebrate the 34th Annual Red Triangle Recipients. It’s a momentous occasion where we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Julie Dingwell, our esteemed Red Triangle Recipient, and Laura Oland, our distinguished Leader to Watch Recipient, for their exceptional contributions to our community. Read more about this year’s recipients below.

Red Triangle and Leader to Watch Awards

The YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick values the significant contributions that individuals have made in our society.  Since 1990, the Y has been recognizing individuals that have made a difference in the community.

The Red Triangle Award is presented in recognition of long and meritorious volunteer service, outstanding contributions and achievement within the Y or in the community. The recipient of this award has been an active volunteer and demonstrated a commitment to the community throughout their lifetime. They have made a difference to Canadian society.

The Leader to Watch Award is presented to an individual, 35 years or younger, who is a role model for youth in our community. This person demonstrates skills, enthusiasm and leadership in their work, in educational settings and as a volunteer in the community.

Many of the past recipients continue to serve the community on a daily basis.  Their commitment and dedication continues to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and it is very important that these extraordinary people be recognized.

Red Triangle Award Criteria

The Red Triangle Award is presented in recognition of long and meritorious volunteer service, outstanding contributions and achievement within the Y and in the community.

The recipient of this award has:

  • Contributed to furthering the mission and values  of the Y of Southwestern New Brunswick;
  • Enhanced the work of the Y and/or other charitable organizations through philanthropy;
  • Demonstrated  social responsibility;
  • Been an active volunteer and demonstrated a commitment to the community;
  • Made a difference to Canadian society.

Leader to Watch Award Criteria

This individual (35 years of age or less) provides skilled and enthusiastic leadership in an educational, family, career or community setting.

This individual is:

  • Determined to lead, demonstrating their leadership skills at work and as a volunteer;
  • Willing to act and support the constructive actions of others;
  • A role model, encouraging and inspiring to other young people;
  • Participating in shaping the future of the community.

2024 Red Triangle

Julie Dingwell

Julie Dingwell, an important leader in Saint John’s social justice realm for over two decades, transitioned from environmental advocacy to lead Avenue B Harm Reduction in 1999. Her pioneering initiatives, including needle exchange programs and methadone treatment funding, have reshaped responses to HIV/AIDS and substance use locally and nationally. Julie’s collaborative approach bridges sectors, fostering alliances with policymakers and healthcare providers. Her influence extends internationally, notably through the Pig’s Peak project in Swaziland. A tireless advocate, Julie champions evidence-based policies, contributing significantly to research on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. Her efforts have not only transformed Avenue B into a pillar of harm reduction but also woven a robust social justice fabric across Saint John and beyond. Julie Dingwell embodies the spirit of The Red Triangle Award, epitomizing resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to equity in her community and beyond.

2024 Leader to Watch

Laura Oland

Laura Oland, at just 28 years old, has achieved an extraordinary amount, embodying enthusiasm and leadership in her endeavors. As Chair of Fusion Saint John and Saint John Community Arts Board, she tirelessly promotes the city, showcasing exceptional dedication. Laura’s extensive community involvement, evident in her role as Board Secretary for “Just Us” Clinical Therapy Non-Profit Organization and her participation in various cultural and artistic initiatives, underscores her commitment to uplifting others. Her academic pursuits, including ongoing doctoral studies in History and Art History, reflect a depth of intellect and curiosity. Laura’s contributions extend beyond academia; she engages in public speaking and lectures, shedding light on historical and cultural topics. As a volunteer, board member, and advocate, Laura’s impact reverberates throughout Saint John, making her a truly remarkable individual deserving of recognition and praise. Laura Oland exemplifies the essence of The Leader to Watch Award, showcasing resilience, compassion, and an unyielding dedication to equity within her community and beyond.

Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors!

All proceeds from the Red Triangle Awards will help fund our Strong Communities Campaign.

YMCA Strong Communities Campaign is an annual fundraising campaign focused on raising much needed resources to provide access to proven YMCA programs that give kids, youth, adults, seniors and families the opportunities they need to reach their potential and to live healthier, happier lives. Through this campaign, thousands of people will have access to the Y through summer day and overnight camp, licensed child care, youth mental health support, recreational activities, programs for seniors to stay connected, and health and fitness memberships, which include swimming lessons.

The goal for 2024 campaign is to raise $2 million, which will have a direct impact on more than 3,500 throughout southwestern N.B. The campaign also includes fundraising for construction at the Glenn Carpenter Outdoor Education Centre, transformational project was also announced, which will provide after school care and outdoor education.


1990 James A MacMurray 2010 Roly MacIntyre
1991 Philip W. Oland Leah Richardson (Leader to Watch)
1992 Dr. G. Forbes Elliot 2011 Dale Knox
Elsie Wayne Taryn O’Neill (Leader to Watch)
1993 Ethel Flewelling 2012 Erminie Cohen
George Stears Stephany Peterson (Leader to Watch)
1995 Malcolm Somerville 2013 Sisters of Charity
1996 Dr. Mary Eileen Travis 2014 Daryl Steeves
1997 Harry Gaunce Danny Jardine (Leader to Watch)
1998 C. William (Bill) Stanley 2015 BCAPI
1999 Dr. Edward J. Doherty Sarah Mudge (Leader to Watch)
2000 Clifford G. Warner 2016 John K.F. Irving
2001 Keith M. Wilson Craig Bell Estabrooks (Leader to Watch)
William T. Gale 2017 Arthur Irving
2002 Lino Celeste John Fitzpatrick, Jr. (Leader to Watch)
Christopher Long (Leader to Watch) 2018 Bill McMackin Stephen McMackin

Harry Daley (Leader to Watch)

2004 Patrick Darrah

Dale Knox (Leader to Watch)

2019  Dr. Shelley Rinehart

Jennifer Brown (Leader to Watch)

2005 Jane Barry & David Barry

Janet Scott (Leader to Watch)

2020 The Friars Family

Katelyn Hunter (Leader to Watch)

2006 Richard Oland 2021 Partners Assisting Local Schools (PALS)
Derek Riedle (Leader to Watch) Dustin LeClerc (Leader to Watch)
2007 Brice Belyea, David Carlin, Blair MacDonald, Clark Sancton, Robert Vincent 2022 Juanita Black
Jeff Sparks (Leader to Watch) Nicole Vair (Leader to Watch)
2008 Cheryl Robertson 2023 Li Song
Sheikh Bahauddin (Leader to Watch) Emma Coakley (Leader to Watch)
2009 Saint John Y’s Men’s Club 2024 Julie Dingwell
Eric Savoie (Leader to Watch) Laura Oland (Leader to Watch)