Camps that Give Back: Helping kids be the spark

Submitted by Forest Glen Community Centre Supervisor, Heather Oldfield.

At the Forest Glen Community Centre, we decided that this summer, we would like to run a summer day camp with a different twist. We wanted to teach the children some cooking skills as well as what it means to help others and give back to their community as part of our Food Frenzy-themed camp in July.

On Monday, the group talked about some things they would like to bake. Then it was off to Sobeys to see what it was like to purchase the supplies they needed.

Once returned, Lynn, one of our staff, explained to the group that this week we are going to do some baking, and on Wednesday, we would host a bake sale. At the end of the week, the money that we raised would be used to donate to a charity of their choosing. After asking and talking about it the group decided on the East Side Food Bank which happens to be across the street from the Forest Glen Community Centre.

The children worked very hard and together they created some of the most amazing treats ever. They even decided to make their own posters and post them around the centre. This way everyone would learn about their bake sale.

In between their planning and baking, they enjoyed lots of fun food-related activities such as bobbing for donuts out on the playground.

On Friday, once they were ready, I (Heather Oldfield) asked the kiddos “How much money do you guys think you raised?” Some said $100, and when I told them they raised a total of $270.70, they were pumped!

We walked over to the food bank and gave the ladies the money. They were so excited. One of the ladies told us that because you guys raised the money, we are going to use it towards buying snacks for children.

Afterward, I told the group how amazing they were and how they just helped out our community. To say I was proud is an understatement.