Cory Murray: A YMCA Inspiration

In our YMCA community, Cory stands out as a beacon of inspiration and joy. Having been a dedicated member for over six years, Cory’s commitment to health and wellness is truly commendable, serving as a source of motivation for us all.

His love for staying active and indulging in activities like shooting hoops in the gym not only keeps him energized but also contributes to the uplifting atmosphere of our facility. What truly sets Cory apart is his genuine kindness and infectious smile, making every interaction a positive experience for both staff and fellow members. He embodies the spirit of the YMCA igniting potential in everyone he talks to.

As we shine a spotlight on Cory, we express our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering spirit and joy he brings to our YMCA family, proud to have him as a cherished member for six wonderful years!

“Cory’s daily first bump can change your mood in a heartbeat! He truly is an inspiration” – YMCA Staff