Corey Childs

Corey Childs

Corey Childs knew he wanted to join the Y after working in the construction of the new facility,  which opened in September 2015. And after joining and being part of the Y family, he said he is now encouraging others to stop making excuses and start living a healthier life at the Saint John Regional Y.

“I have always struggled with my weight and I could see that if I did not make a change that I could end up with health issues,” he said. “I decided that along with my program at Simply For Life that I needed to step things up. I joined the new YMCA after it opened and have not looked back.”

According to Corey, along with changing his diet, joining the Y has been life changing.

“It’s truly an amazing facility and something for everyone”, he said before his afternoon workout on the Stairmaster.

“The staff greet me when I am coming in or leaving. They are always friendly and more than helpful. Thanks to the Y I am definitely on the path to better quality of life!”