Paige MacDonald

Paige Macdonald

My name is Paige MacDonald, I am 13 years old and for the past eight summers I have been coming to
the YMCA Forest Glen Community Centre. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was 18 months old. Cerebral Palsy is a disability which is caused by your brain not getting enough oxygen during labor. It causes your arms and legs to work differently. It’s caused many different setbacks in my life, but that did not stop me from joining different sports camps at the Y.

I joined Ball Hockey Camp, Baseball Camp, All Ball Sports, Soccer camps, and Basketball Camp. I also come to the Y during the school year on Saturdays, some might say “I live here”. My favorite camp I joined was Basketball Camp. The reason Basketball Camp really stuck with me was because the only thing I found difficult was shooting. I had no trouble dribbling, running, guarding, passing, and catching. So I knew the one thing I really wanted to improve was my shooting. I talked to my counsellors; Julia, Ernie, Jeremy, Greg and David about how I wanted to improve and finally get a basket so that’s what I have spent my summers doing.

With the help of the staff I spent hours and hours shooting the basketball. It was not until July 19th, 2018 at 3:50pm that I got my first basket. I ran and told Greg first and then made my way into Heathers office, screaming with excitement. I felt super excited and proud of myself because it was one of my personal victories that I worked on for almost a decade.  I want to thank all the staff at Forest Glen for helping me make my dream a reality.