Before and After School

Start and end every school day with the YMCA! To fill the gaps before and after the bell rings, you’ll find unique YMCA programming right here in your community. We know children thrive in an environment where everyone belongs and can explore, learn and have fun together. And that’s what you’ll find at the YMCA.

Time gaps before and after school can be empty and lonely for kids — and a challenge for busy parents. YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick’s Before and After school licensed care offers a healthy solution. Kids have fun and develop confidence while spending time with friends in a safe and caring environment. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are active and learning.

Each day provides ample time for both quiet and active play, as well as exciting physical activities, time outside, a nutritious snack, and time with staff members who truly care.

For children registered in a YMCA After School Program, we offer programming on PD and Snow Days. After School children can attend any of our community centres, plus our West Side location on these days.  We also offer full-day care for those not registered in our After School Program. You must contact the centre you wish to attend to register beforehand. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Place to Connect

A Place to Connect is a school-age curriculum created for staff working with children aged 5-12 years old who attend YMCA Before and After School programs.  This curriculum has evolved from the YMCA’s long and rich history as one of the largest providers of programs for children and youth in Canada. It is designed to ensure that the YMCA Mission, Vision, and Values guide every aspect of our work.

A Place to Connect will assist YMCA staff working with young people to deliver a comprehensive program that adopts a holistic approach demonstrated through planning, programming, and high-quality interactions. The approach we follow is to adopt a living curriculum. It is not a static set of unit outlines with rigidly defined outcomes but a flexible framework that accepts that learning is a natural process occurring through self-directed experiences, optimized by a supportive environment as well as positive interaction with adults.

To register your child for our Before and After School program, please contact the site supervisor of the facility you would like them to attend.

After School Program: NEW 6000 square foot outdoor Education Centre.

Children will spend most of their days outdoor enjoying a fun and educational outdoor environment.

Please note:  The new building will not be ready for operations until Fall/Winter of 2024.  A temporary location will start in September to serve families attending Millidgeville North School needing care.  We will begin accepting names for children attending M. Gerald Teed School for our new permanent location when it opens.

For more information or to register, please contact Jeff Gibbons at

*Pending License Approval

At the Early Childhood Hub: South End, we provide care for children who are 12 months to twelve years old. Our facility provides access to a gym, computer lab, theatre, and our own private playground. We have strong partnerships with the Family Resource Centre, which offers many parenting courses and playgroups. We also partner with PULSE on many programs, such as the Backpack program to provide healthy meals, recipes, and books for families. Rainbow Park and the Splash Pad are within walking distance, both of which are great for the warmer months. This playground is completely inclusive and equipment is wheelchair accessible. An afternoon snack is provided. Morning and afternoon snacks and lunches are provided to kids registered in our Child Care program.

210 Wentworth Street
Saint John, NB E2L 1W3

Contact: Kiesha Cobbett

The After School Program at Forest Glen offers children access to a playground, gymnasium, soccer field, tennis courts, ball fields, and green spaces for exploration. Afternoon snacks are provided.

651 Westmorland Road
Saint John, NB E2J 2H3

Contact Heather Oldfield

At the Irving Oil Field House, we provide child care for kids between the ages of 12 months and 12 years. Children have access to indoor and outdoor tracks, indoor fields, a hockey floor, a multipurpose room, and an all-natural playground and green space that includes a pond and bird-watching. Children are brought to the Field House by bus from Glen Falls. Transportation from Forest Hills is coming soon. Afternoon snacks are provided. Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch are provided to kids in the Child Care program.

129 McAllister Drive
Saint John, NB E2J 2S7

Contact: Marisa Kingston, Supervisor

In the Lakewood Heights After School Program, children have access to a large gym, tennis courts, and green spaces. Inside, the children have access to a multipurpose room, homework space, and a kitchen for opportunities to cook. Afternoon snacks are provided.

56 Lensdal Cres.
Saint John, NB E2J 3P3

Contact: Jennifer Cormier | +1-506-271-1754

In the Loch Lomond After School Program, children have access to a playground, green space, a large gymnasium, and two rooms full of fun activities. Afternoon snacks are provided.

25 Evergreen Ave
Saint John, NB E2N 1H3

Contact Heather Oldfield

The Millidgeville Community Centre offers child care for children between the ages of two and 12. Here, they have access to a gym with full equipment, including ball hockey, pickleball, and a rock-climbing wall. The site also offers two playgrounds and acres of green space for children to explore. Child Care and After School program children participate in activities with the Shannex to foster community relationships. We provide morning care, child care, and after school care for children attending M. Gerald Teed and Millidgeville North schools. Children will spend a least two hours per day outside for Child Care and one hour outside for After School programs. An afternoon snack is provided. Morning and afternoon snacks and lunches are provided to children registered in our Child Care program

A youth program is open in the evenings for children ages five to 12 to participate in activities, including tutoring, Kids in the Kitchen, science club, and ball hockey.

99 Daniel Avenue
Saint John, NB E2K 4P3

Contact: Marisa Kingston

The After School Program at Prince Charles provides access to playgrounds, a gymnasium, soccer fields, tennis courts, ball fields, and green space. Afternoon snacks are provided.

319 Union St.
Saint John, NB E2L 1B3

Contact Kiesha Cobbett |

Our Rothesay After School Program provides children with a multi-purpose room, gymnasium, lots of outdoor time in two great playgrounds, and green spaces and wooded areas for children to explore. There is also a great paved area for outdoor ball hockey. It offers quality programming with A Place to Connect and is conveniently located in Rothesay Elementary School. The staff are friendly and experienced and afternoon snacks are provided.

230 Eriskay Drive
Saint John, NB E2E 5G7

Contact Laura Greer

The Regional Y offers child care for kids from 12 months to 12 years old. Children have access to private playgrounds, a large gym, pool time, and a large multipurpose room filled with activities for them to discover and explore. There are school bus stops for Centennial, Hazen White-St. Francis, Princess Elizabeth, Millidgeville North, and M. Gerald Teed at the entry of the Y. Afternoon snacks are provided for children enrolled in After School programs. Morning and afternoon snacks and lunch are provided to kids in our Child Care program.

191 Churchill Boulevard
Saint John, NB E2K 3E2

Contact: Bailey Craig

Our facility at St. George Elementary School provides our Child Care and After School programs to kids between the ages of five and 12. Children have access to a large multipurpose room, a kitchen, playgrounds, green spaces to explore, and outdoor baseball fields and basketball courts. Children can participate in activities that encourage scientific investigation and artistic self-expression. YMCA Transportation is available, including bus stops for students of St. George Elementary. Afternoon snacks are provided.

118 Brunswick St.
Saint George, NB E5C 1A9

Contact Kara Filamore

The After School Program at the qplex offers beautiful scenery and outdoor time, walking trails and fields, a huge play structure, great pool facilities in the summertime with daily swim time, quality programming with A Place to Connect, and ice skating opportunities in winter months. Transportation with Y Bus is available from certain schools and there are school bus stops on-site. The staff are friendly and experienced. Afternoon snacks are provided.

20 Randy Jones Way
Quispamsis, NB E2E 0B3

Contact Laura Greer

The West Side After School Program is located in St. Marks Church. We have full gym access, plenty of outside play space — both green area and paved which we often use for bike days during summer programs. We offer morning care and pick-up service at St. Rose and Barnhill Schools with buses coming from Island View and Seaside Park. We have shared access to the surrounding school playground, baseball field, and tennis courts. Afternoon snacks are provided.

50 Dexter Drive
Saint John, NB E2M 4M4

Contact Chrissy Wilson

In the Champlain Heights After School Program, children have access to a playground, green space, a large gymnasium, and two rooms full of fun activities. Afternoon snacks are provided.

111 Champlain Drive
Saint John, NB E2J 3E4

Contact: Jennifer Cormier