Financial Assistance

The Daycare Assistance Program offers financial support to families to help them pay the child care cost of Early Learning and child care centres for children 0 to 12.

The program is offered by the Department of Social Development. Below is the link to how to apply:

Parent Subsidy Program assists families with financial support to help pay for the costs of child care for children aged 0 to 5 who are not in school, and who are registered in designated New Brunswick Early Learning Centres.

The full program consists of the following components:

• Free child care services to families with a total annual gross income of $37,500 or less;
• Subsidies to help cover child care costs based on a sliding scale (between $37,501 and $80,000) determined by on the gross annual household income;
• Families will pay no more than 20% of their gross annual family income to cover child care costs. This program is offered by this department.

Strong Communities Financial Assistance

If your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to register for child care programs, consider applying for financial support. The YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick’s Strong Communities Fund makes the Y accessible to everyone.

To apply:

Complete a Strong Communities Fund form with your Registration.