Camp is About… The Activities

Camp Glenburn Interest Groups

Interest Groups

We provide a wide range of activities where campers are able to develop their technical skills under the instruction of our staff. While campers will have the opportunity to experience many of these areas with their cabin groups, they choose their preferred areas of interest for their Interest Groups (IGs).

Camp Glenburn Cabins Activities

Cabins Activities

Campers are pre-assigned to a cabin of 8 campers, of similar age, and at least 2 live-in counsellors. The cabin’s shared experiences can foster friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Counsellors facilitate activities based on the group’s common interests, creating a unique cabin bond during their Cabin Activities.

Camp Glenburn Overnight Trips

Interest Groups

Campers get a chance to challenge themselves on a trip tailored to their level of experience, interest and age, exploring the Belleisle Bay, hiking to an inland location, sharing campfires and tenting under the stars. Discoverers will have a one night introduction to overnight camping and Explorers will be out for two nights, learning and developing a number of outdoor skills. Overnight trips are weather dependant and can be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Camp Glenburn All-Camp Programs

All-Camp Programs

All-Camp programs transform a typical day at camp into a magical, memorable event. The programs create valuable traditions that are important to instilling a sense of camp community and culture. Regular Programs include Capture the Flag, Glenburn Records and Alien Invasion just to name a few!
Special events include Olympic Day, Glenburn Film Festival and a Coffee House.

Camp Glenburn Typical Day

Typical Day

7:00      Morning Dip
7:15      Wake Up
7:30      Flag Raising and Breakfast
8:30      Cabin Clean-Up
9:00      Interest Group 1
10:00    Interest Group 2
11:00    Snack
11:30    Free Swim/Paddle
12:30    Lunch
2:00      All-Camp Program
4:00      Snack
4:30      Free Swim/Paddle
5:30      Dinner
7:00      Cabin Activity
8:45      Snack
9:00      Washrooms
9:30      Lights Out

Interest Groups, All-Camp Program and Cabin Activitiy will rotate through the week. Leadership campers will follow their own schedule.

Camp Glenburn Free Swim and Paddle

Free Swim and Paddle

Campers can enjoy everything our beach has to offer multiple times a day. They can brave the cold during Morning Dip or enjoy one of our two Free Swim and Free Paddles.   Water safety is always a number one priority. There will always be a minimum of 6 lifeguards on duty during Free Swim and Paddle. Your camper will take a swim test to determine their ability and will be assigned to the appropriate boundaries.