Camp Glenburn

About Camp Glenburn

About Camp Glenburn

Since 1928, Glenburn has been empowering youth through outdoor education, uninhibited creativity, skill development and communal living. Our mission is to strengthen today’s youth by giving them the tools, confidence, and compassion to become tomorrow’s role models and leaders.

YMCA Camp  Glenburn is a non-denominational camp, open to everyone.

Glenburn Endowment Fund

The YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick Endowment has established two funds specifically for Camp Glenburn. The establishment of these two funds will secure the future of Camp Glenburn and the positive impact it has on the lives of youth.

The Camp Glenburn Innovation and Capital Fund
This fund will ensure the long-term sustainability of not only the facility but invest in further development and innovation.

The Camp Glenburn Camper Sponsorship Fund
This will ensure that Camp Glenburn is accessible for all children and youth for future generations to come.

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YMCA Camp Glenburn

Don’t hesitate to contact the Glenburn Office to learn more about our programming, staff and facilities, we’d be glad to help!

311 Route 850
Kingston, NB E5N 1W6