Camp Glenburn: A Day in the Life

Amelia Oland-Guitard

I can’t imagine a summer without Camp Glenburn. Ever since I was nine years old, I’ve been coming to camp every summer and that’s the way I like it! It has always had a special place in my heart and this past summer when I was a Counsellor-in-Training, it became a second home.

I still remember my first ever day of camp. Little nine-year-old me, carrying my bag and sleeping bag beside my brother who had already been going for a few years. My parents got us signed in and my brother headed off with his counsellor. A girl stood up eagerly and introduced herself as Miraj, saying that she would be my counsellor for the week. Right then and there, I wasn’t nervous anymore. Her kind and bubbly personality washed away all my nerves!

These are some of my favorite memories at camp:

In 2016 I did senior co-ed, which is a two-week camp experience. My cabin and I, along with a boys’ cabin, went on an out-trip to Gorhams Bluff and Ghost Island. Our first night was at Gorhams, and it was so much fun! We went on little adventures, exploring the woods and swimming in the cool refreshing bay. When we had finished supper and the sun had set, we all laid on the beach, and it just so happened that there was a meteor shower! It was so beautiful and has got to be one of my favorite camp experiences ever!

Last summer during CIT, our group was at the fire pit at the beach having a bonfire. After a little while of laughing together, Nestle, Ember and I went to a different part of the beach and lay down on the sand. We watched the night shining above us and counted shooting stars. We talked for a long time, just laying there, without a care in the world and listening to “La Vie en Rose.” It was so liberating — I felt absolutely free.

I’m sure you’ll have camp memories that are as great as mine!

If you’re thinking about going to camp but still have a few questions, let me walk you through a typical day at Camp Glenburn:

At the beginning of the day, you’ll have a nice big breakfast, and after that your mornings will be filled with fun activities like interest groups — we call them IGs.

After a quick snack you’re right back out with the option to go to the beach for free swim/paddle! It’s so much fun! We have an awesome swim area and a dock to jump off! For free paddle you can either kayak, canoe or use one of the paddle boards. After free swim and paddle, we have lunch to fuel us up for cabin activities where you do an activity of choice with the rest of your cabin. Following that, there’s another quick snack and then another hour of free swim/paddle. Right after that it’s time for dinner.

When dinner is finished, you’ll have a bit of time to rest up for an all-camp program! These are always SUPER FUN! It could range from capture the flag to movie making. Finally, when the program is over it’ll be time for bed.

Camp Glenburn is such a magical place, and it’s really shaped me into the person I am today. Summer is right around the corner — do yourself a favour and sign up for Glenburn, I promise you won’t regret it!