Social Inclusion

At the Y we welcome and support everyone.


Diversity is the acknowledgement that all people possess unique differences in terms of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, physical and cognitive abilities, mental health, socio-economic background, language skills, religious views and beliefs, and indigenous and resident status.

Value proposition:

At the YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick, we believe these unique differences bring value, strengthen our organization, and are essential to build a healthy, inclusive community.


Inclusion refers to the practice of creating welcoming environments in which all people feel supported and valued, and in which a sense of belonging is cultivated across diverse groups, and in which all people feel empowered to reach their full potential.


We strive to create meaningful spaces and opportunities for diverse perspectives to shape our organization at the leadership level, among staff and volunteers, and across programs environments, to the collective benefit of our participants, donors and community at large.

For more information about social inclusion at the YMCA of Southwestern New Brunswick, contact:

YMCAs in Canada Statement of Reconciliation

Since YMCA Canada first announced our commitment to reconciliation work in 2018, we’ve been raising awareness and supporting YMCA Member Associations as they take action in their local communities.
In 2021, in conjunction with the first  National Day For Truth And Reconciliation on September 30, we continue to find new ways to actively contribute to Canada’s journey toward reconciliation.
Please see the YMCAs in Canada Statement of Reconciliation report here.
Newcomer Cultural Competency

Intercultural Competency